Calibration Services


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Calibration Services

SampleScience provides calibration and verification services to industry for a wide range of instrumentation. Flow meters, pH instruments, temperature for systems within the manufacturing industry, just to name a few. Read on to find more information about our calibration services, or contact us to so that we can discuss your requirements.

SampleScience provides an independent, reliable and professional calibration services.

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Magnetic Flow meter. SampleScience calibration services.Flow Meters (Magflo)

Industry has ongoing requirements to verify Magflo meters that are used for water volume measurement. SampleScience can schedule regular verification intervals for all brands of Magflo type meters. SampleScience has specialist software for Yokogowa flow meters, and we are vendor certified to verify  Euromag meters.

pH Measurement

pH measurement is the most common calibration service that SampleScience provides. The calibration of pH measurement systems is an important part of routine maintenance at many industrial sites. Whether for control or simply monitoring, SampleScience performs calibrations on a routine basis on all brands of pH measuring instruments. Calibration can be done in the field or in SampleScience’s workshop.


The accuracy of temperature measurement is an integral part of most instruments. Temperature is also critically important in many manufacturing processes. This service provides traceability to NATA calibrated reference probes.

Conductivity probe, verified by SampleScience calibration services.

Electrical Conductivity

More and more EC is becoming widely used in industry as an indicator of total dissolved solids (salts) in water. EC calibrations for trade waste-water systems, or industrial process applications . SampleScience can also assist with identifying typical EC to salts ratios within a variety of systems using sampling and comparison techniques.


SampleScience’s pressure sensor calibration is traceable to the NATA calibrated reference instrument. Examples of pressure sensor use include managing ground water movement for the operation of bore pumps. Pressure sensors need to be accurate to ensure that ground water levels are maintained at the correct levels. SampleScience performs this type of calibration predominantly for the landfill industry.



Water Sampling and Data Aquisition