Water Sampling Services


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Water Sampling Services

Samplescience has extensive experience in the methodology of water sampling. In addition to water sampling SampleScience also samples soils which have been exposed to recycled water; and gases related to water system monitoring e.g. sulphide and explosive gas levels in sewer lines. The management of these is vital in keeping your installation and plant safe and compliant with authorities.

SampleScience water sampling pot

SampleScience autosampler. Temporarily installed to sample water at a set time interval.

Contact now SampleScience to discuss your water sampling needs. SampleScience are independent, reliable and professional.

SampleScience will set up the necessary equipment and monitor the results and the test equipment throughout the sample period. SampleScience uses test equipment that has been calibrated to Manufacturers Specifications.

Test equipment from SampleScience can be set up permanently or temporarily depending on your needs.

Water Sampling Parameters

Conductivity This test determines the amount TDS (Total Dissolved Salts).
Dissolved Oxygen A healthy level of dissolved oxygen is needed for flora and fauna to survive. For example D.O. is important when aerobic bacteria are used to help purify water in a treatment plant .
pH A measure of the hydrogen ion concentration in the water sample. It is used to monitor acidity/alkaline levels.
Temperature e.g. Trade waste has a standard upper limit of 38oC. Monitoring temperature of final effluent is very important with regard to ensuring compliance with water authorities.
Turbidity The measurement of turbidity is a useful tool in the understanding of water composition.

Water Sampling Applications

Potable Water

Drinking water quality monitoring is important for public health. SampleScience has the experience and equipment to perform this crucial task.

Heavy Metals

Sampling programs of heavy metals – from potable water to trade wastewater can be customised to suit investigation projects. Reporting of data to your suit your needs is available from SampleScience.

Trade Waste Water

Stay within your Trade Waste Agreement with the Water Authority. SampleScience can keep your trade waste water sampling requirements compliant with your Trade Waste Agreement through scheduled sampling monitoring and reporting services.

Environmental and Marine Waters Monitoring

SampleScience has a great deal of experience monitoring environmental waters such as lakes, rivers, streams, creeks and marine waters. Inland, onshore and offshore sampling services.

Cooling Towers


Samplescience predominantly provides cooling tower sampling services to consultants and laboratories. Choose your laboratory and we can sample and deliver!

Septic Tanks

To stay compliant with your septic tank monitoring requirements. For septic tanks SampleScience can test the effluent that goes to the environment. Contaminants that are tested for include Escherichia coli (ie E. coli), biological oxygen demand and suspended solids.

Soil Sampling Services

SampleScience can test the soil that comes into contact with recycled water. Call SampleScience now and let us manage all of your sampling and testing needs.

SampleScience has the qualifications and experience to ensure reliable and accurate data for your business.



Water Sampling and Data Aquisition